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What Are The Best Types Of Abutment For Implants

What Are The Best Types Of Abutment For Implants

Considering the advancement in the field of dentistry, dental implants are known to provide long lasting and effective restorative solutions. A successful dental implant is the correct placement of three substitute parts: implant, abutment and prosthetic tooth. This blog delves into the different types of abutments available in the field today. We will examine the importance of material choice and patient specific factors to determine the best kind of abutments for your dental implant treatment.

Role of Abutment in Dental Implants

Selecting the right abutment refers to the process of choosing the connecting entity for the implant and prosthetic tooth. Not only does the abutment provide stability and support to your dental prosthetics but improves the aesthetics of your teeth in the long run. Some of the benefits of selecting an appropriate abutment are as follows.

  • As a connecting entity, abutments ensure that the surgically placed implant is secure and fit to the final restoration.
  • It provides an aesthetic value to your final treatment outcome.
  • Rightly placed and selected abutment ensures that the forces of biting and chewing are evenly distributed and sustained.
  • Selecting the right abutment will allow for better implant integration depending on the unique patient’s requirement and oral health.
  • A well-chosen abutment can contribute to the lifelong success of your final implant restoration.

How To Select The Right Abutment Material

We have a wide range of abutment materials available for dental implants such as titanium, zirconium, alumina, surgical grade stainless steel, gold etc. Each with its own provisional benefits and properties. In order to choose your best fit material, here are some tips to consider.

While titanium implants offer great stability, zirconia implants provide great aesthetic value. Titanium abutments are incredibly reliable and durable but zirconia implants have also entered dental facilities with excellent biocompatibility and micro structural properties.

In addition to that hybrid abutments and custom abutments are a fantastic option to maneuver personalized elements to your smile.

Dentist Based Considerations For Right Abutment Selection

Here are some ways dentists can ensure abutment selection according to the treatment needs.

  • Thorough Patient Assessment
    Dentists must conduct a comprehensive evaluation of patients' oral health and anatomy. Using the right means such as impressions, X-rays and digital scans can help assess bone density and gum tissue thickness.
  • Dental Lab Technicians
    Collaborating with lab experts can play a crucial role in fabricating custom abutments according to the patients personal needs and preferences.
  • Patient Preferences and Budget
    Any successful dental treatment ensures 100% customer satisfaction. While choosing the right abutment, patient preferences can include decisions based on their aesthetic preferences, functional requirements and budget.

Final Words

Choosing the right abutment material is crucial for overall success of dental implant. Healthcare providers at Get Implant can recommend the best choices in lieu of our patients oral health and preferences. Call us at (713) 296-0329.

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