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Lives we touched

Ms. TA

When all you need is a Smile Makeover to de-stress yourself. - Ms. TA

Ms. TA, unfortunately, in an accident, lost some of her Incisors (teeth in the front) and now wanted to get a smile makeover so that she could stop stressing and getting conscious thinking about the missing front teeth, which was also affecting her emotionally and professionally. After a full analysis, she opted for a digital smile enhancement procedure, which was just a month-long. After precise analysis of the implants' placement, we used an AFT face scanner to design her smile first on the digital platform, then executed as discussed. At the end of treatment, she was very happy and fully contend with the before and after Smile and appearance.

Ms. EG.

When your age can't stop you from getting that perfect smile and right dental implants - Ms. EG.

When Ms. EG. came to see us with her family she was facing difficulty smiling freely as some of her teeth were missing, and a few were even broken. After analyzing her problem we suggested a digital smile enhancement procedure where implants will be placed in the place of missing teeth and the broken ones will be reparied. We used an AFT face scanner to design her smile and to analyze the problem areas. At first she was reluctant to get the treatment done because of her age and conservative behaviours, but after getting the much-needed encouragement and support from her grandkids, she went ahead with her treatment which was 4 months long. After the end of treatment, she got back her smile and was more than happy and pleased as this was a life changing experience for her at this age.

Mr. ES

How a perfect smile and precise dental implants can completely change your life? - Mr. ES

Mr. ES never had what we called a healthy tooth; he always had problems with his teeth. When we came to us for treatment that time, he had lost most of his teeth and even faced difficulty eating. We had a big challenge in front of us, first to save the existing teeth and second to securely put implants for giving a natural structure. After a smile makeover consultation, we decided to go for all smile enhancement procedures using a full digital smile makeover where missing teeth will be fixed so that he can effortlessly eat and have his smile back. His treatment was completed in the span of 6 months, and the results were beyond his expectations, which not only enhanced his overall personality but also gave him a brand new confidence.

Mr. JA

How with a smile makeover and proper dental implant, childhood problems can get solved. - Mr. JA

Mr. JA when came in for a consultation, his oral health was not in good condition. Since childhood, he has suffered gum disease and always has missing, crooked, or bad teeth. At a very young age, he even had to wear dentures, but now even the thought of wearing a denture gave him a feeling of fear and embarrassment. So we had to find the best and affordable solution because his finances were not that strong but had the backing of his sister and Boss. After a thorough analysis and smile makeover consultation, he decided to go with the procedure. We first placed dental implants and fixed his missing teeth, then worked on his smile makeover. In just one visit, his procedure was completed, and he got relief from the bad and painful tooth. Moreover, treatment boosted his confidence and motivated him to maintain his lifestyle.

Implant awareness

Implant Isn't Expensive, But Negligence Is!

Even a single missing tooth can have major implications on your oral health and overall health. A majority of people overlook or do not consider their missing teeth as a problem, resulting in gaps in their smiles over time as the surrounding teeth move into the new spaces and gain the advantage of the extra space.

Dental Implants can last for a lifetime!

Dental implants have the potential to last a lifetime. With adequate care and maintenance, dental implants are projected to endure for 25 years or longer in most situations. The best long-term approach is to replace your missing teeth with dental implants, which will restore the function of your missing teeth.

Single missing tooth can lead to many

If you have a missing tooth, you already know how it can affect your self-esteem and make eating difficult. However, missing teeth affect your jawbone and face in more ways than you may realize. Some of these changes could cost a lot of money to reverse. If you have missing teeth, check out how they can affect the overall shape.

Dental implants resemble natural teeth

An implant's visible part is a prosthetic crown that is attached to an abutment. The crown is shaped, sanded, and molded to perfectly match the shape of the tooth it replaces. Finally, each crown can be created to match the shape of your tooth replacement - so yes, it will feel like your natural teeth!

Types of Dental Implant?