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Surgical Guide

Full Service Guides

ROE has been a pioneer in surgical guides since 2004. After nearly two decades, and tens of thousands of cases, we have developed a turn-key service that keeps our customers coming back. Our full service includes diagnostic workup, planning session (online or prerecorded video review), drill report, and surgical guide.

Tooth-supported 1 site 1 site
Guide with sleeves (Model or IOS workflow) $310 $41/ea
GuidedTEMP (guided provisional plus parts) $385 $96/ea
Tissue-supported 4 sites add site
Guide with sleeves $433 $41/ea
Bone-supported 4 sites add site
Guide with sleeves, with bone reduction $728 $41/ea
Guide with sleeves, without bone reduction $643 $41/ea

Self Service

Are you a do-it-yourselfer, who prefers to handle part of the surgical guide process? We can help by providing à la carte services for planning, designing, or printing your tooth supported guides, all at an even lower fee.

ROE fabricates from Dr.’s Case Plan: 1 sites add site
Without .STL. ROE designs & prints $220 $21/ea
With Dr.’s .STL. ROE prints. $120 $21/ea
Includes sleeves. Sleeveless guides are also available for a $15 discount per implant site
Dr. fabricates from ROE’s Case Plan: 1 sites add site
Without ROE’s .STL. Dr. designs & prints. $90 $20/ea
With ROE’s .STL. Dr. prints. $140 $20/ea
Sleeves not included. Download PDF

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