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Which Is Better For Dental Implants: Titanium Or Zirconium?

Which Is Better For Dental Implants: Titanium Or Zirconium?

The material used in dental implants has remained a common concern among patients in Houston, TX, and worldwide. While Titanium has been used ever since dental implants have come into existence, zirconia is now being offered as a newer alternative. Both these materials are suitable for dental implants, let's unpack common differences between these two.

The Main Difference

Dental implants is a common dental treatment used to restore missing teeth. They can be made from titanium or zirconia. The main difference between these two materials is Titanium implants come in two pieces – the implant body and abutment. Implant body is surgically inserted in the jaw bone while abutment connects the implant structure to the dental prosthetic whether crown, bridges or dentures. While zirconia implants are usually one piece meaning the implant body and abutment are connected.


Zirconia is a hard ceramic used in the field of dentistry for crowns, bridges and dental implants. Zirconia is aesthetic, durable and biocompatible. It is also on the expensive side as compared to titanium.

On the other hand, titanium is a silver color metal that is being used and offered for several dental treatments and the medical field in general. Titanium is strong and lighter in weight. It is also known for its high strength, biocompatibility and corrosive resistant nature.

Integration With Human Mass

Zirconia and titanium are considered safe and compatible with the human body. They fuse with the jaw bone for successful integration between the tissue and bone – offering great stability and strength relative to your natural teeth. The process of integration is also known as osseointegration. It takes up to several weeks or months depending on your bone density and response to treatment. Zirconia implants are best suited for people with metal allergies and more malleable than titanium which makes it more convenient to fit.


Titanium holds great strength as compared to zirconia. It is great for withstanding the constant pressure of chewing or biting making it an ideal option for a lifetime. Zirconia is no less weak than titanium, but may fracture given high chewing loads.


The color of zirconia implants matches the color of natural teeth making it a great aesthetic option for patients who communicate this concern. Thin gum lining, thin bone or gum recession can cause titanium to shine through under the gum causing an aesthetic malfunction.

Placement And Accuracy

Titanium implants give the dentist more hand on precision and accuracy given two separate parts. In comparison, zirconia implants are more challenging as they don’t provide much control on different angles of placement. Zirconia implants are available widely, but have not been tested to gain a correct perspective on implant success.


Titanium implants have been well proven for dental procedures as they are being used for several years and success rate holding up at 95%. They can last over a lifetime while we can’t say much about zirconia implants as they are relatively new.

Final Words

Our experts at Get Implant will assess your specific needs and direct you towards the best dental implant treatment with durable and long lasting material choice. Call us at (713) 296-0329 for comprehensive care and assistance.

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