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Which Type of Dental Implant is More Comfortable?

Which Type of Dental Implant is More Comfortable?

As an extremely popular dental restorative method, dental implants are extremely comfortable. They last you a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. Which is why they ought to be comfortable when placed inside the jaw to work just as your natural teeth. There are many types of dental implants. In this blog we will answer, which type of dental implant is more comfortable.

Types of Dental Procedures To Secure Missing Tooth

There are multiple ways to secure a lost tooth. While some fall in the pricey category, others are straightforward and affordable options. We have listed some common jargon when it comes to replacing teeth with implants or dentures.

Traditional Implant Dentures

This is a mix of two popular dental treatments: implant and dentures. Implant supported dentures are basically anchored to your jawbone with titanium screws and inserted directly above it. They are suggested for patients missing more than one tooth. they are permanently fixed in your mouth and cannot be removed like traditional dentures,

Full Dental Implant

A dental implant is the best suggested restorative method for missing teeth. In this process, the implant post is inserted at the base of your jawbone. Once that is made ready to set, your bone integrates with the implant post. In your next appointment, your dentist will put an abutment over the implant post. Onto which your prosthetic teeth are placed. This is a foolproof idea to replace missing tooth at their best.

Implant Post

Another most fundamental step in dental implants is the implant post. It is a small, cylindrical screw that is implanted into the jawbone to act as an artificial tooth root. This provides a strong base for dental implants to stay fixed over. It is an inevitable step to the process which cannot be skipped.

Removable Dentures

When we talk about teeth replacements, dentures also seek great value. While dental implants are expensive, dentures are a more affordable option when it comes to teeth replacement. Dentures are removable and provide support of a ceramic or metal base to fit onto your gums. Dentures are more suited for people with more than one missing tooth.

Which is a More Comfortable Dental Treatment Option?

Now comes the hard part where we have to determine which is more comfortable. This is a highly tentative question which may differ from patient to patient. An initial consultation with your dentist can provide the best and accurate answer to this question.

Your dentist is likely to check and assess your oral health. On top of that, they will ask about your pain thresholds and make necessary adjustments to make your experience smoother and more comfortable. They will also provide the right suggestions for treatment which will improve the quality of your oral health in the long run.

You may also talk about your budget and personal preference to ensure that you are comfortable in all ways.

In Conclusion

Dental implants have evolved to be a successful and comfortable dental restorative method. Talk to professionals at Get Implant to get the right suggestions on comfort level and personal preference. We can provide valuable insights on your oral health and the right preventative or restorative treatment. Call us at (713) 296-0329.

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