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Good Fit ® Denture Trays (Starter Box of 12Trays)


Good Fit ® Denture Trays are custom impression trays, base plates, and occlusal rims – all in one. They let you get all the data required for complete denture fabrication in one, short clinical visit.

This one-of-a-kind product – patented in the U.S. and patented or patent-pending in over 50 countries worldwide – is made with Good Fit’s special, thermoplastic material. Each tray can be adapted to fit a variety of arch sizes and shapes.

Just heat the Denture Trays in water for 1-2 minutes and then adapt them to your model or directly in the mouth to make a custom impression tray. Then use the trays to take final impressions.

At this point, you typically have to wait for your lab to make a bite block. But with the Good Fit system, the Denture Tray is your bite block. After you take your final impressions, put the Denture Tray straight back in the patient’s mouth and use the tooth forms on the Denture Tray as an occlusal rim, to assess and establish planes, smile line, vertical, and centric relation.

In just one visit, in as little as one hour for a full-over-full case, you’ll have all of the impressions and records your lab needs to make a complete denture:

  • Save hours of chair time and at least two or three office visits,
  • Increase accuracy with a completely stable record base (the trays are held in place by the final impression)
  • Assess vertical and aesthetics with actual tooth forms instead of wax occlusal rims, and
  • Even do a preliminary try-in (using the trays, themselves to re-check fit, aesthestics, planes, vertical, and centric relations)