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Advanced Surface Treatment

Get Implant Implants are treated with state of the art Surface Treatment Procedures. This treatment includes Sand-blasting, Acid etching and extensive cleaning. This treatment creates macro, micro and nano surface structures, enlarging the Bone to Implant Contact (BIC), thus promoting Osseointegration and early restoration.

From the beginning, Get Implant Implants Ltd has followed several research studies conducted in order to discover the optimal implant surface treatment. The critical implant surface treatment is needed in order to attain the correct surface roughness and the highest purity levels in order to achieve optimal Osseointegration, by Increasing the rate of Bone to Implant Contact (BIC).

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Due to the fact that our implants achieve high BIC, it increases the healing process and growths tissue around the implant while eliminating the possibilities of post-surgery infection.

Get Implant has developed a highly successful implant surface treatment that gets the right balance for implant surface roughness.

Our implants are grade 23 Titanium Alloy Ti 6AI-4V ELI with SLA surface that uses sandblasting and acid etching to create the Get Implant implants surface. Get Implant routinely uses SEM/EDS/XPS Surface Analysis to verify that the desired macro and micro structures were achieved (surface roughness and morphology) and to assess the Get Implant implant surface in order to verify that no particles from processing remained.

All laboratory tests are performed by certified third party laboratories and compared to international leading competitors as a reference. Get Implants cleaning process is of top priority, therefore, Get Implant implants have a debris free surface which has proven to achieve optimal Osseointegration and attain highest implant surface purity levels.