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Terms And Conditions

Tupel Photogrammetry Scanner Lease Offer – Terms and Conditions


This lease offer is provided by Get Implant, offering the Tupel Photogrammetry Scanner on a monthly payment basis. By participating in this lease program, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Upfront Non-Refundable Fee

  • A non-refundable fee of $5,000 is required upfront. This fee covers the setup of the Tupel Photogrammetry Scanner, comprehensive training, and shipping costs.

Monthly Lease Payments

  • The monthly lease payment is $3,000, payable on the first day of each month.
  • The lease term is for one year (12 months) from the date of installation and setup.
  • Payments must be made through the approved payment methods specified on the Get Implant website.


  • The lease includes the use of the Tupel Photogrammetry Scanner.
  • Implant components from Get Implant for one full arch implant per month are included.
  • Partner lab services for one full arch implant per month are included.

Exclusions and Limitations

  • Any additional implant components or lab services beyond the included one full arch implant per month will incur extra charges.
  • Unused implant services do not roll over to subsequent months.

Cancellation and Refunds

  • The upfront fee of $5,000 is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Early termination of the lease by the lessee will not entitle the lessee to any refunds.

Maintenance and Support

  • Regular maintenance and technical support are provided throughout the lease term.
  • Training and support are included in the initial setup package.

Ownership and Use

  • The Tupel Photogrammetry Scanner remains the property of Get Implant throughout the lease term.
  • Lessees are responsible for any damage or loss of the equipment during the lease period.

Renewal and Extension

  • At the end of the one-year lease term, lessees have the option to renew the lease or purchase the equipment at a negotiated price.
  • Terms and conditions for renewal or purchase will be provided at the end of the initial lease term.

Legal Compliance

  • Lessees must comply with all local, state, and federal regulations regarding the use of the Tupel Photogrammetry Scanner.
  • Any misuse or illegal activity involving the equipment will result in immediate termination of the lease agreement.

Dispute Resolution

  • Any disputes arising from this lease agreement will be resolved through mediation and arbitration as per the governing laws of the state in which Get Implant operates.

Contact Information

  • For any questions or concerns regarding this lease offer, please contact Get Implant customer support at [contact information].

By participating in this lease offer, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.