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All-on-X Conversion with Good Fit® Instant Overdenture

All-on-4® Treatment Type. Instant Denture Conversion

With the Instant Overdentures, you’ll benefit from:

  • Chemical bonding with any methyl-methacrylate as the base is originally made with that same material. 
  • Thermoplasticity of the denture to adapt to the arch form after the placement of the implants. 
  • Available in 6 Different sizes to choose.
  • Huge savings in time and labor required for implant provisionals and hybrids,
  • Fewer processing errors (there really isn’t any processing, so you don’t have to worry about teeth shifting or popping out),
  • Easier finishing (no flash or cleanup needed around the teeth), and
  • Faster turnaround with more consistent results

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Good Fit® Instant Overdentures

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