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Multi Unit Abutment for Partial Arch Replacement

Pink Straight MUA - Replacement of Missing Partial Arch

PINK Straight MUA line is not just good for full arch treatment but is also very applicable for partial arch treatment. 

Here is a case demonstrating the use of Straight MUA for replacing #26-27-28-29. With Abutment Level Prosthesis

(Post Surgical Treatment Pic)

Extraction # 28 Done, Immediate Implant Placed at # 26-28-29 sites. 

Temporary Ti Sleeves were used for Immediately loading the teeth segment from # 26-to- 29 . 

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(Pre-Extraction Picture)

Case and Picture- Courtesy Dr. Arun Vashisht (MDS-Prosthodontics)

From Hi Dental Care, Houston TEXAS.




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