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Advantages of Using Multi Unit Abutments (MUA)

Advantages of Using Multi Unit Abutments (MUA)
Advantages of Using MUA
  • Angle Correction
  • Reduced Soft Tissue Disturbance
  • Ease of Prosthetic Steps
  • Retrievability    -1. Of Prosthesis      --2. Of the Abutment Itself
  • Convenient Long Term Maintenance
  • Way to Use Multi Unit Abutments, All on X, All on 4, MUA

The ability to choose between straight and angled multi-unit abutments allows for easier and more diverse methods of applying prosthetics to implants. Angled abutments can be rotated in order to change the screw access hole position, as well as making sure there is a good path of draw while providing a passive fit for your prosthesis.

When restoring a full arch even the slightest malposition of the screw access hole can cause complications in the prosthetic treatment.

It is always best to seat the multi-unit abutments before the initial impression as you begin the restorative process. Using Multiunit Abutments to take your initial impression will not only allow you to bypass steps further down, but will also give you a more precise fit for your prosthesis. Your final restoration will be easier to work with and be more resistant to stress due to the passive seating provided by the Multi Unit Abutments.

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