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Profile Bur Set : Indications and Usage

Profile Bur Set : Indications and Usage

 A profile bur has 2 parts to it 

  • An attachment that inserts into the internal hex of an implant to protect the implant interface  
  • A bur that slides onto the attachment, trimming the peripheral bone.   

Profile burs are utilized for removing bone around the circumference of an implant body. This Bur makes it simple to clear any bone and debris in order to achieve abutment seating. 

Indications:  a. Useful in second stage surgery to contour any bone that has grown over an implant,

b. Can also be employed during all on x cases such as this one.  

Usage Instructions: Used Attachment is placed with the 1.25 hex driver. The Profile bur is used with copious saline irrigation at 500-800RPM on the 20:1 Reduction handpiece. 

In this case the profile bur is being utilized to contour bone in order to allow for a wider profile emergence for placement of an angled multi-unit abutment. These profile burs can also be used in cases where angled implants are placed sub crestal and won't have the clearance needed in order to seat an abutment  

 With the space now available, seating any type of abutment will be done with ease. 

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